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Friday, April 9, 2010

Help before Passover

Before the Passover, our Church organized a humanitarian action, intended to help families with difficult financial situations, around the village of Tureni. We were able to provide 35 families from 5 different villages (Tureni, Comșești, Mărtinești, Ceanul Mic and Micești) with food supplies .

We were supported in this action by the mayor or Tureni, which pointed us towards the poor families, that had limited income or in some cases, none.

People were really surprised to see us at their gate carrying these packages, because some of them have never been helped before.

Our Church is working with people from the villages for 10 years now, having our ministry base in Micesti, and this humanitarian action has opened many doors for us to be able and show God's love in a more practical way. We met a lot of new people and established a relationship with them, which will help us in the future because we intend to go back and be a support for these people, both material and spiritual.

In the village of Ceanul Mic we found many people that were open to the word of God and we want to go back this summer and spend more time with these people.

On Thursday, we went to the Emergency Hospital for Children, Department of Clinical Pneumofitiziology where we gave the children hospitalized there sweets, so that we may bring at least a smile on their faces.

We really appreciate all the help we got from those that chose to give for the Kingdom of God. All praises be to Him that blessed us to be a blessing.